AET.culture and Los Angeles based Roasters, Likuid Element, who specialize in sourcing, roasting and preparing superior tasting coffees and naturally crafted syrups, have come together to create a small collection celebrating the concept of Yūgen.

Yūgen is usually translated as “mysterious profundity.” Yūgen means the beauty that we can sense in an object, even though the beauty doesn’t exist in the literal sense and cannot be seen directly. Yūgen is a sense not to enjoy the superficial beauty of an object, which is in front of our eyes, but to enhance that appreciation by imagining its latent beauty. For example, we think a flower is beautiful when we see it… this beauty is the superficial beauty. The flower has a past of withstanding wind, rain, and snow until now, and will someday wither. Although the beautiful flower itself impresses us, the beauty will be more impressive when we can imagine its past and future.

Just as different coffee roasts celebrate the journey and characteristics of the coffee fruit. Guiding the cumulative, positive, and dramatic result of roasting each coffee in a unique way, helping each one reach its maximum flavor and tell its story.

Purity through effort.

Likuid Element X AET: The “Yūgen” Bundle includes: Statement Tee; Companion Ceramic Mug; Limited Edition Coffee Roast

Pre-Order available ONE WEEK ONLY: Friday November 20th – Friday November 27th

The coffee is roasted the first week of December. All orders ship the second week of December to receive them by the holidays.

Order online at LikuidElement.com • Friday November 20th • 5pm pst


About the Roast

This is a limited roast, for this collaboration only!

Full city (alt. light French, light espresso, Continental): Full city lies at the cusp… just beyond is where you begin to find origin character eclipsed by roast character. A darker roast is at odds with buying coffee for its distinct origin qualities. In a Full City roast, the beans roast past the first crack, but stop prior to reaching the second crack. The beans will be mostly dry, with intermittent patches of oil. Coffee brewed from this roast mutes some of the characteristics of the green coffee, especially more acidic tones. A full city roast will also develop sweetness and fuller body, often exhibiting chocolate and caramel notes, that dominate any underlying fruitiness or other subtleties. This roast stands up well to milk, which accounts for its popularity in milk-based espresso drinks. In Northern Italy, it is most often used for espresso.