Aeternus – Latin {adj} eternal, everlasting.

The culture of continuous improvement. Purity through effort upon effort. 

“Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending.” 

― Tsunetomo Yamamoto 


AET Culture is a Unisex apparel and lifestyle brand. Based out of Los Angeles, we are passionate about creating sustainable, environmentally friendly, statement pieces. Our ethos is born out of skate, punk, and hip-hop culture infused with the learnings of jiu-jitsu and combat arts. Focused on positive mental attitude and creative expression. Philosophies that apply across all of life’s endeavors.


We believe in the Small Market. Bringing attention to designers and creators with a focus on shopping small, slow, and local. We believe the way we consume is shifting, this is our effort to push it in the right direction.





4 Tenets of Aeternus Culture

  1. We rise by lifting others: On the road to success, there is always room to share appreciation and gratitude for other people’s successes. Feeling gratitude for other people raises our own vibration, while adding cement to the bricks we lay. Doors open doors. 
  2. Favor a step by step approach: Continual improvement means we opt into the idea that excellence needs to be worked at on a daily basis, little by little, step by step. Purity through effort. 
  3. There are No Problems, Only Opportunities: We believe in the resolve of the human spirit. It’s not about IF things will happen. It’s about WHEN. Once a person takes on this belief and works at finding the opportunities that are contained within each situation, the experiences that follow this simple change of attitude are startling. Advance daily.
  4. Eliminate the unessential: Hunt down waste in all its forms. Regularly remove anything which takes up space for no reason. Communicate better. Reducing unnecessary movement, which has no added value. Reduce excessive tasks which are too difficult or taxing. Simple is smooth, smooth is fast.




We have to do better.

As a young apparel and lifestyle brand, there is a lot to juggle and a lot of choices to be made. Fast fashion is causing environmental havoc. This is one area we know that we don’t have a choice: We have to do better. One answer lies in production.

What if we simply produced what our customers ask for, in smaller batches? What if items could be created on demand to ensure that excess wasn’t created? This saves resources, energy, money, space, and, most importantly, prevents waste.

Our print partners meet the highest sustainability standards with nearly zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint, enabling on-demand printing that fits today’s consumer culture. Zero-water technology means we don’t waste or pollute freshwater in the process. Water-based inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable.

THE MICRO RUN, the evolution of digital textile printing. With this technology, we can continue to express ourselves and our individuality without causing tremendous harm to the environment through fashion that depends on chemicals and tons of wasted freshwater. This direct-to-fabric process is completely dry, preserving precious water sources, and with on-demand direct-to-garment printing, businesses don’t have to waste resources only to end up overproducing items that don’t sell in the end. Plus, local partners bring production back home—reshoring—instead of relying on warehouses abroad that don’t maintain environmental or labor standards.

Unprecedented color gamut and the ability to print any design, in any number of color combinations, at any level of detail, on a wide variety of fabrics. while being one of the most eco­friendly solution in the textile printing industry.

We are excited to have found a print platform that can take us into the future!